Wednesday, October 27, 2010

the sweetest hats.

*red velvet cupcake hat by herbal nights-etsy*

this cupcake hat would make a terrific gift for christmas for my niece + daughter...(yes, i'm already thinking about christmas). i'm tempted to get one myself!

***she also makes the cutest knitted candy cone hats too!

*hats can be found @ herbal nights on etsy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i couldn't believe my eyes when a friend forwarded a photo of a mac n' cheese sandwich on facebook the other day. he said in s.f. there is even a cart that sells them and the lines are super long! mac n' cheese is my all time favorite comfort food, but i'm not sure i could choke this down...

would you eat a macaroni and cheese sandwich?

p.s. there is also a pizza joint, ian's pizza, in chicago + milwaukee + madison, that makes a mac n' cheese pizza... they even have a spinach mashed potato pizza!

Monday, October 25, 2010


*weekend resting + breakfast and bed*

the best thing about some weekends are that you have absolutely nothing to do. or in our case, we did have plenty of things to do + places to go, but we passed on a couple of parties, ignored the looming pile of laundry and dishes, and stayed inside almost all day. the days were gray and drizzly + everyone was feeling a little worn out and sick, so it was a well-needed and restful catch-up day.

the best thing about having kids on a restful weekend, besides making it always interesting + fun, is that they surprise you. lana lou made breakfast in bed: toast with the center cut out in the middle and a soft cooked egg in the hole. then she served the leftover toast circles with nutella + served it with hot chocolate! she knows me well! :)

throw in a movie: romeo + juliet (the new one) + snuggling, and it all added up to the perfect weekend...

did you have a good weekend as well?

Friday, October 22, 2010

friday love.

*coin operated boy by caroline (caclite)*

I found this cover of the dresden doll's 'coin operated boy' on you tube. i'm a little bit addicted to this song at the moment... thinking it will possibly be the next song i learn to play on my guitar.

p.s. i love her french accent!

happy friday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


has anyone seen the new j.crew catalog for november? it has me super excited for for fall's cooler weather (which has to be coming soon...not that i'm complaining or anything!).
in three words:

*photos from j.crew

Monday, October 18, 2010

sugar high.

yesterday, i moseyed over to milwaukee to check out my first ever iron cupcake challenge. what a hoot! you walk around and admire the cupcakes + booths and then you get to pick out 10 mini cuppies to try out. we decided it would be a smart thing to divide + conquer: everyone picked out different cupcakes so we could sample more cupcakes! and we noticed that for some serious foodie folks it wasn't their first time heading out to an iron cupcake challenge; they came prepared with egg cartons that perfectly housed their cupcakes (mental note: bring egg cartons next time). after sampling the goods, we voted on the best cupcake + booth! all in all, a sweet way to spend a sunday afternoon.

hope your weekend was just as sweet!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

book art.

*recycled book display by paper n stitch blog*

around here, it's no secret books are the bomb~ so i'm really digging this art display. and it's super easy too...just use velcro.

*photo + directions found @ paper n' stitch